Workshop Culottes and Burnside Bib Pattern Mash

I recently discovered a new to me pattern company called Workshop, if you would like to take a look at some of their patterns the link can be found below:


I really liked the look of the Emily Culottes/Pinafore pattern and sent off for it knowing that I already had some suitable fabric in my stash. My first make turned out well and I have vlogged about it here:

At a recent sewing event called #SewBrum in the UK I picked up some more fabric with another pair in mind but this time I wanted to combine them with the Sew House 7 Burnside Bibs.

The trousers on the Workshop pinafore were pretty much spot on with regard to fitting so I really wanted to use these to achieve a more fitted trouser but I wanted the shape and ties of the Burnside Bib pattern. I love the previous Burnsides I made during the summer and have worn them loads but they do have more of a gathered fit around the bottom area which was fine for the light weight chambray that I used but I was worried about too much gathering with a heavier weight fabric hence my reason for the pattern mash.

To make my latest pair I cut out the pattern pieces for the front and back trouser sections using the Workshop pattern. I used the front pocket piece from the Burnside Bibs because I love how deep they are – pockets are a thing that I am definitely missing on the previous Emily culottes, I then used the bib, waist band and back facing from the Burnside pattern and used the Sew House 7 instructions (which are excellent) to put it all together.

The pieces for the bib section were wider than the trousers so I cut away the side sections because this amount is excess and would normally accommodate the gathers in the standard version.

I haven’t really done much pattern mashing before and one thing I didn’t take into consideration was that on the Burnside Bibs the back trouser piece is cut to sit on the waist higher than the front piece which is to accommodate the front waist band so brings the front up level with the back. I didn’t realise this until it came to attaching the waistband and bib and sewing up the side seams and realised that the front and back were at different heights. I got around this by cutting a second back facing piece and in essence using it as a back waistband. This does mean that the waistband sits a little higher than on the regular Burnside Bibs but I think it still looks OK.

If I am completely honest they are also a little tighter than the first pair I made, this is in part due to the different type of fabric (I used corduroy last time which had a little stretch to it) and also due to them sitting higher on my waist. They are still wearable though and I managed a meal out for my sister’s birthday the other evening without them being uncomfortably tight. I also managed a couple of comical photos in the garden, really not sure what was going on when my husband snapped these.

I am glad that I decided to experiment with the 2 patterns though and will be making more, I am really liking the bib look at the moment and am currently looking for a pinafore with a skirt rather than trouser attachment for my next make.

My Make nine for 2019

The New Year brings new sewing challenges. I took part in a couple last year which I enjoyed so the first one I have decided to take part in this year is the #makenine challenge which is being run over on Instagram at @makeninechallenge.

The idea is to select 9 things to make over the course of 12 months.

I have tried to put a little thought into my makes for this year and be more selective about my sewing, the aim is to add the items that are missing from my me made wardrobe currently or to sew things for particular events. Below are the items I have decided to work on for #makenine:

1. Simply Sewing City Backpack – I have had this pattern for a while now and have been wanting to have a go at bag making so this seems a good place to start. It is a good pattern for using up left over fabric from other makes (the patterned cord was left over from the carnaby dress I made a few months ago).

2. Deer and Doe Melilot Shirt – I picked up this pattern as a kit from Guthrie and Ghani when I went to SewBrum. I love the fabric which I had seen online previously and had been trying to source so when I spotted it I couldn’t resist. I have acquired a love for shirts since making the Kalle Shirt last year so the kit seemed a good choice.

3. Simplicity 8447 Vintage Dungarees – After a fantastic day last year at Goodwood Revival we decided to book again for this year. A big part of the event is dressing up. Last year I went in a 50s style polkadot dress so this year I thought a 1940s style outfit would be good and this pattern fits the bill.

4. Megan Neilsen River Dress – I tend to wear dresses regularly during the warmer months and like to go for more casual styles. I like the look of this pattern and think it will look good in this plain lightweight denim/cotton that I picked up last year.

5. Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs – When I attended SewBrum last year I spotted a lady wearing the most fabulous purple corduroy dungarees and when I spoke to her she told me it was the Burnside Bibs pattern, I have been lusting after a pair ever since and picked up the pattern during the Black Friday sales. I have fabric on the way from Guthrie and Ghani.

6. Closet Case Ginger Jeans – I have decided it is time to finally take the plunge and make jeans, I wear them often and currently have to wear rtw so if I want a fully me made wardrobe then I need to give it a go. I don’t currently have the fabric for this make yet so am on the look out for a dark blue denim.

7. Cocowawa Pumpkin Cardigan – Cardigans are great for layering and I particularly like the longer version of this after seeing some lovely makes on Instagram. I received the pattern as a present for Christmas but haven’t chosen the fabric yet.

8. Named Clothing Ruska Knot Dress – Again this was a Christmas present, I like all of the patterns in the book but this is the one I want to make first. We are having an evening away at a lovely hotel in the Cotswolds at the end of January so this is my planned make for our evening meal, the fabric I have chosen is a lovely khaki modal jersey from Sew Over It.

9. Tilly and the Buttons Francoise – This pattern as been in my to do pile for over a year now and it keeps getting put to one side for other makes. We are going away for a short break in April for a 60s weekend, I picked up some retro looking fabric from the fabric swap at SewBrum last year because I thought the print was very 60s so hoping this pattern will give me the look I am aiming for.

So that is my Makenine, I think I have a good selection with some new challenges to stretch my ability. I have also tried to have a purpose to sewing the items I have selected. In my previous post I said I wanted to sew slower and I think these makes will be challenging enough to give me reason to slow down and learn new skills.

I would love to hear what sewing plans you have so please feel free to add a comment about your planned makes.